Picture this: you and your doggo are out and about, enjoying all sorts of water-based adventures. We’re talking boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and days at the beach or pool. But when you’re out there in the elements—at about the time when you most want to take some snaps—your phone is often vulnerable. It’s too bad electronics and water won’t go together, right? Think again.

      Here at Stylish Hound, we’ve developed waterproof phone pouches for this very purpose. Disclaimer: waterproof phone pouches will not render your phone completely waterproof, so please don’t pocket your phone whilst taking a dip or dive. However, whack your phone in one of these and watch it resist damage from water, sand, and dust. You can also use your phone whilst it’s encased! Enjoy the touch screen compatibility, as well as the transparent back. So you can shoot some snaps as you shoot the rapids!

      Our waterproof phone bags are 10cm wide and 21.5cm tall, making them suitable for phone sizes less than six inches. They also have a cable length of 60cm. Before use, check for existing damages, and secure your phone into the pouch correctly. This will allow for optimal protection, ensuring our pouch can do its job! Most importantly, enjoy the versatility this nifty little pocket can bring. Who said that phones were just for land lovers?!