Make walks fun, easy and comfortable with a no pull dog harness

      Fancy a walk with your dog? Yes, please! But the pulling and tugging? Not so much. That’s where our no pull dog harness comes to the rescue. We have 3 different no-pull harness tool for you to find what works for you and your dog!

      A no pull harness is perfect for training as the goal is to be able to walk your dog on any gear. Some dogs may just need steps in between to achieve each level to make the training successful.

      What is a no pull dog harness?

      Just as the name entails, a no pull dog harness discourages pulling from your dogs, resulting in a smoother daily walk. They are great for smaller-sized dog owners, where excessive pulling may cause injury due to their dog’s bigger size. 

      At the same time, it’s also beneficial for the dogs themselves because no pull harnesses avoid their neck, eliminating possible choking and pain caused by their tugs.

      How do adjustable no pull harnesses work?

      A no pull dog harness features a front chest attachment that discourages pulling. That is where the leash attaches. When your furbaby pulls and you tug on the leash in response, the harness moves their body into yours as they do a head check. This slows them down and relaxes their energy levels, allowing your dog to return to a leisurely pace as you walk side by side. 

      When your dog is trained, you can loosen the reins a little through the optional back attachment. This makes the harness work like a traditional one, allowing your dog to walk in front of you and explore.

      For an extra bit of fun, add a bow tie so your fur baby looks extra stylish on their walk. If you’re travelling for a change of scenery, don’t forget a seat belt and car seat.

      Are no pull harnesses safe?

      Yes! They are completely safe for dogs, as they are designed to reduce the pain and strain they might receive from excessive pulling. Our dog friendly harness is also adjustable, so you can easily loosen, tighten or re-adjust as you see fit. 

      Please note that a no pull dog harness attached from the chest works best for daily leisurely walks. If you are going for a jog or a run with your dog, we recommend using the back attachment for maximum movement.

      Why are no pull harnesses better than traditional dog collars?

      Traditional dog collars are situated on the neck. If your dog pulls, the collar puts strains on the neck which may cause long-term damage over time, and sometimes even choking. Plus, if it’s not sized correctly, traditional dog collars could slip off with enough pull.

      When you clip the harness to the back, the more your dog can pull. This will teach them that the way to get somewhere is to consistently pull, which is not what you want (they aren’t sled dogs!). 

      Whereas, no pull harnesses are situated on their chest. There is no strain or pressure on the neck area. If your dog pulls, the no-pull harness will simply re-adjust their body position, allowing them to do a head check with you. They will turns towards you and as such, unable to pull forward. 

      Shop stylish no pull dog harnesses today

      At Stylish Hound, our friendly dog harness is designed for all breeds of every size. They keep your dogs comfortable and safe as they explore the outside world while keeping you in control for a pleasant walking experience.

      Made with 100% recycled materials, our no pull dog harnesses are designed to reduce the tugging and pulling that happens when our dogs get too excited when outside.