Spoil your pooch with comfortable dog pyjamas

      You might be wondering, should dogs wear pyjamas? The answer is yes! Dog clothes are especially beneficial during the colder months, keeping them warm and snug as they sleep. 

      We understand it can be a little confusing because dogs have fur. But, short haired dogs like greyhounds or senior dogs may need dog pyjamas to help them retain body heat due to their lower body fat percentages.

      Some pooches also wear dog clothing or dog t-shirts outdoors to protect themselves from grass, pollen and trans-seasonal allergies.

      What kind of material are dog pj’s made from?

      At Stylish Hound, our dog pyjamas are designed with soft cotton for ultimate breathability. If you’re worried whether your fur baby will be comfortable in pj’s, fret not because our cotton material stretches, making it flexible for movement throughout the night. 

      Best of all, cotton is hypoallergenic, low maintenance and doesn’t retain odour. Not only will your dog be comfortable in pj’s, but they’ll be able to complete a full sleep cycle easily and effortlessly. 

      Are puppy pyjamas the same as regular dog pyjamas?

      The key difference here is size. Depending on the breed, puppies generally have shorter fur. As such, they require extra assistance to retain body heat. 

      The best puppy clothes and puppy pj’s are made with a stretch material, keeping it functional and usable even as the dog gets older. However, just like humans, you’ll need to buy bigger sizes if they outgrow their puppy clothes.

      How to measure the correct size for your dog

      Start by measuring your pooch’s girth. Then, measure their back length. For all of the measurements, allow a tolerance of 1-3cm - you don’t want the dog clothes and puppy clothes to be too tight. It should be a relaxed fit for easy movement. 

      Bear in mind though that these measurements might change, depending on the clothes. For example, they may need more room for movement if you’re looking to buy a winter coat, raincoat or dog robe.

      Keep your fur baby warm with dog pj’s, designed in Australia

      Dogs are part of the family, so why not dress for the part too? Our dog pj’s come in matching sets for men and women, so you can all relax in comfortable clothing together.